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Build the best

Maintaining excellence takes dedication. Working with exceptional team members, continuing to learn, staying up to date on the latest best practices and techniques — we are constantly improving and bringing differentiated value to our clients. This is, above all, what makes Ledyard Homes unique and worth your investment.

Craft and technology

We have much to learn from established systems and processes. The same can be said of modern inventions. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than with home building, today.

For example, classic craftsmanship is irreplaceable. Finely welded steel, perfect woodworking joinery — some things never go out of style. On the other hand, the process of building a home has not always proved ideal. Poor communication can derail projects. Mismanaged crews can impact timelines and quality. Ineffective planning can foster distrust, blow budgets, and worse.

Working with Ledyard Homes means choosing an easier path. By designing with virtual reality technology, we enable major efficiencies in time and labor, and increase the likelihood you’ll love your home just as it was designed. Clients also benefit from aligning with a team that has the interpersonal and management skills to keep things on track and in-view.

From our founder

Since 1999, I’ve worked in the construction industry. Cutting my teeth in high-end commercial markets in my early days set me on a course that differs from most residential builders. Think Fortune 100 companies. Think uncompromising and exacting requirements. Think meeting unparalleled demands for quality, value, detail, and budgeting adherence.

A mechanical and electrical engineer by trade, I’m naturally preoccupied with the kinds of details most people overlook. With this focus, I’ve assembled a team of the most talented craftspeople in the nation, building elite custom homes we can all be proud of. We come beyond prepared to plan and project manage with excellence, but we also keep our eyes out for opportunities to grow and advance.

This is Ledyard Homes. I look forward to working with you.

— Jason Ledyard

Jason Ledyard – President

Jason Ledyard – President

Growing up, Jason worked alongside his dad, renovating each family home as they moved around the country. Fast forward a few years, and fresh out of engineering school, Jason started into commercial construction in 1999 as a Project Engineer. Moving quickly from the role of Project Engineer to Project Manager, Jason trained under some of the best Project Management and Construction minds in the business. As his career took him into the business management side of commercial construction, he decided after a number of years that it was time to open his own company. Finally managing to make his way to Utah and Park City in 2008, Jason founded Ledyard Homes. Jason has enjoyed pouring his energies into bringing proven technologies, cutting edge energy concepts and classic craftsmanship into every home his company builds.