Jason and his team at Ledyard Homes have continued to offer our family outstanding service even after he handed over the keys to our beautifully remodeled home. He is quick to offer solutions to basic repair issues and the quality of service he offers is unmatched. We will be lifetime customers!



Ledyard Homes did a fantastic job on our home! We were on a very tight deadline due to previous experiences. Ledyard Homes stepped in and took on the project to design and re-build our home. We purchased a house knowing it would need significant repair, though we didn’t quite understand how much. I recall my shock when I walked into the structure (really just a shell at that point) and stood at the rear of the house where I could look out the front windows. Though there was significant work required, Ledyard Homes managed the many necessary subcontractors brilliantly and completed the entire project on a very tight timeline. We were kept in the loop the entire time, even when there were issues with subcontractors. Information wasn’t kept from us, but Jason handled all of the headaches and kept everything moving along.

With that significant of a remodel, there were certainly times when there were unexpected expenses. We also often came across items we wanted to upgrade or add. Each time we were told the impact of the potential on our budget before the work proceeded. Jason was also upfront about areas that might save us money in the budget, that wouldn’t significantly impact the quality of the work. At the end of it all, we received a bill that we understood and expected.

Our home, which initially we intended to own for only a few years, has become our dream home. We love it! The quality of the work done by Ledyard Homes is stunning. And, anytime we have an issue, Ledyard Homes is quick to assist and help us with a solution. We have enjoyed our experience!



Jason Ledyard and Ledyard homes were the contractor on a major remodel at our home three years ago. The remodel included a complete re-design of approx. 2,000 square feet of interior, new roof, gutters, new main entrance, plumbing, electrical, tile work, sprinkling system, painting. Jason was one of four contractors I interviewed for the job. I selected Jason not because he was the lowest bid (although his bid was competitive ), but because of his commitment to honesty, quality, getting the job done on time (three months), staying within our agreed upon budget, and most importantly, Jason’s commitment to being on the job himself every day.

I can tell you Jason lived up to everything he promised us. He was there every day working and making sure the various sub-contractors were on task. In regards to the sub-contractors Jason had on the job, every one of them were high quality professionals. We still use several of them today. When the project was completed, my wife and I agreed that Jason not only met our expectations, he exceeded them. It is now three years later and we feel the same way about the quality of work that Ledyard homes did for us. I can highly recommend Jason for any project you may be considering.



My experience with Ledyard Homes is one of complete satisfaction. I was reluctant to begin a full basement remodel because of the horror stories I had heard from friends dealing with other home renovation projects. However, thanks to Jason and the talented team at Ledyard Homes, our 1800 square foot, unfinished basement was transformed into a gorgeous walk-out apartment – on time AND on budget. The attention to finishing details and the integrity of the work was apparent at every stage of the process. During the basement remodel, I felt that our project was a priority and the speed with which it progressed was impressive. Without hesitation, I would recommend Ledyard Homes to any friends or family members who are interested in making changes to their homes.

Sally Townsend


Our first indication that we had made the right choice with Ledyard Homes was when Jason arranged for us to meet each and every subcontractor that we would be working with prior to the work actually beginning. This allowed us to streamline communications and make unique requests directly to the individuals managing different components of the job. The final product is outstanding, and being a detail-oriented person myself, I appreciate the forethought and logic that Jason puts into his design decisions. On top of that, the project was completed on time and on budget!


Chief Commercial Officer: Blue Source

Engen Hus Bed and Breakfast hired Jason Ledyard to perform a major renovation in 2013-2014. Jason Ledyard, President of Ledyard Homes quickly caught our vision of what we wanted to express in the remodel. As the remodel unfolded, Jason was able to bring his background in mechanical engineering, and his ability to visualize traffic patterns within the space, so that we were able to improve upon the original design:

  • The height of the joists between the first and second floors was increased to allow for adequate heat ducts.
  • The ceiling in the back bedroom could be dramatically vaulted by following the attached garage pitch.
  • An extra window and a panel of glass blocks were accommodated, in order to provide for more natural light.
  • A beautiful curved staircase materialized, where we had thought there would be a 90-degree right angle.
  • The attached garage needed to be raised by about four inches, so that water would not flow into it from the existing driveway.
    Jason coordinated the work of multiple subs at once. Over 200 workers were involved in the project, and there was always order, and always someone working.

The job site was kept clean and safe. There were no injuries (hammering a finger was the worst).

The most impressive thing was the quality of the work. Most of the workers were not only skilled craftsmen but also true artists. At every turn, the finished product was more beautiful, more functional, higher quality than what we could have imagined. The more we “stayed out of the way” the better things turned out.

Hire Jason again? Yes! in a heartbeat!

Karen and Doug Stewart

Engen Hus Bed and Breakfast